Thursday, March 19, 2009

Benefit Sale & MAC Sugarsweet collection

In addition to Bobbi Brown, Benefit Cosmetics is also having a sale - 20% off purchases of $50 or more. Enter HOTCORAL at checkout (expires at 11:59PM PST tonight).

I was thinking about ordering a couple of things, but when I thought about it, they seem to be very similar to products I already own so I actually stopped myself from continuing with the check out. So proud of myself!

But in case you were wondering, I was planning to purchase the following:

smokin' eyes: sexy eye & brow makeover kit

hoola: bronzing powder

And one product that I absolutely love and highly recommend is this one:

big beautiful eyes palette: an eye contour kit

I bought this awhile back before I really got into make-up. This was my go-to eyeshadow palette - love it! The colors are really subtle and neutral but work so well together for a very pretty, work-appropriate look. The little box even came with instructions on where you should place the different colors to contour your eyes. Perfect for newbies, like me! I loved this kit so much that I used it all up within a few months. I'm on my second one right now and I've pretty much hit the pan on that one, too. The concealer isn't bad, either, but I usually don't wear that on a daily basis. The best part is that the mini brushes that come with the kit are pretty decent brushes! Not sponge applicators like you get in other high end kits. You get two and one is double-ended so you actually have three brushes: a basic eyeshadow brush (soft, too!), a liner brush, and a concealer brush. I bought one for my sister as well and she loves it, too.


Anyway, the other reason I refrained from buying Benefit is because I plan to stop by MAC tonight to check out the Sugarsweet collection that just launched today. I know I said I wouldn't get anything but I am really intrigued by the Lollipop Loving lipstick - the shade looks so pretty!

As usual, I got the lowdown from one of my favorite sites, If you're interested in what the collection has to offer, check out her very informative posts with product photos, swatches and reviews.


  1. I really want to go check out the Sugarsweet too, several of the lip products look really pretty!

  2. Damn me being behind on blog reading!

    I love benefit!

  3. I love that eyeshadow kit from Benefit too! I am also on my second one. I think I will use the 20% off and get another.


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