Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol and Make-up at Costco

Tatiana is killing me! Yeah, her performance wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But it's the rest of her schtick... that marketing BS, her claim that she never laughed like that before, her little soundbyte about how it's up to us to keep her dreams alive... she's just too much!

I definitely like Danny Gokey and he's my fave of group 1. I kinda agree with Simon, though, he was good but I don't know he deserved all that crazy praise at the end. I thought he gave much better performances in Hollywood. I think the praise had a lot to do with the fact that most of the other contestants in his group kinda bombed.

And when Simon said Alexis Grace reminded him of someone... I totally expected him to say Nikki McKibbin, not Kelly Clarkson! Did you remember season 1? When Nikki first auditioned, she was kinda like a funky rocker and then when she showed up for the performance shows, she had what I think they called a soap opera makeover. I like Alexis... I'm just not sure about her look, but that's just me.

And is it just me or did Paula seem more kooky than normal? She kinda rambled on like she was drunk.

Anyway, on to make-up... I had seen a lot of YouTubers talk about these great make-up deals they get at Costco. I thought it was just some crazy myth because everytime I went there, they just had the standard Kirkland stuff.

But today... ta-da!!! Stila Cosmetics on sale for dirt cheap! They had two sets - a set of three lippies and a "shape up your face" set. I've been buying a lot of lip stuff so I just picked up the face set. It comes with a trio of three contouring powders, two lip pencils, and a full size powder brush. The sign on the rack said each set was $14.99 but when I checked out, my set rang up as only $9.99! C'mon - that's a great deal.

I would tell you what I think about the products but I can't seem to open the plastic packaging and I'm too lazy to fetch some scissors to slice it open. Maybe in another post :)


  1. Next time I'm down in CA, I'd like to schedule a makeover with you! I need serious help. I love the What-not-to-wear segement when Carmendy works her 10-min face and it looks spotless...I need that! I'm low maintenance but it's getting a little too low maintenance!

  2. And I was just there & forgot to check out the make up!

  3. So Stila is good makeup? I thought they were like E.L.F. or something and it was just kinda blah stuff. That is a crazy good deal though! I wonder if Sam's Club does makeup...(we don't have Costco here)

  4. stila at costco???!!! i am so going there now. i haven't been into costco in months. what can i say, i bought a hell of a lot of toilet paper the last time.

    i spent last night catching up on idol--i like the girl they "dirtied up" and the indian kid. someone has to represent for the asians!

    i LOVE the longlivelocke blog. thank you thank you thank you. that girl is a freaking genius.


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